Key Concepts is a young and dynamic company which aims new business development. Positioning/marketing commercial concepts and/or products and/or services in the B2B markets.
Combining experience, creativity, conceptually thinking (and acting), sales minded and hands-on mentality are the strengths of our company.

Work area and target groups of KC
The working area of our organization is wide. The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and the UK. Because of the variety of the concepts, products and services, the target groups of KC are divers in the B2B markets.

Work method of KC
Do you have a new concept, product of service and do you want to position this in one or more (partial) markets? KC will be your partner in business. After an interview with your company and a first inventory, an action plan will be made and the possibilities will be discussed and looked at.
When we have reached an agreement, KC will start the sales plan and you will be weekly informed about the goals and results which have been achieved.

KC has lots of experience in the area of concept development, acquisition and sales in the commercial and financial service.
Due to its extend network, KC has the possibility to turn a complete business plan into active sales activities at very short notice, including a full operational track which is necessary to place your concept, product or service at the market you want.

An impression of several concepts/products/services of KC
Click on “concepts” to get  an impression of several activities done by KC.

Cooperation possibilities
You can omit us for temporary activities or for a longer period.
Also KC has the possibility to work as an agent for your company.